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Beyoncé ruined my life.

Anonymous: Bicycle step 

Bicycle Step: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made on the field?

Omfg I’ve had so many I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just pick one. I think it was my sophomore year I was in the middle of competition and I forgot a set so I end up in the front on the 45 as if I’m going to play a solo but I was just awkwardly standing there for a few measures until I found my way back to the form. A sax player missed rehearsal that week before the competition so he was just following me too so you just see two marchers randomly standing there it was so bad my bd wanted to strangle us he didn’t let me live it down my senior year

Marching Band Ask
  • 8 to 5: What's the hardest drill set you've ever had?
  • Straight Leg: How much of your freshman show did you actually play and march?
  • Bicycle Step: What's the biggest mistake you've ever made on the field?
  • Crap Step: Has your band ever had a percussion feature? What was your favorite part?
  • Jazz Runs: What is the most memorable story you have about the color guard?
  • Parade Rest: Which competition was your favorite?
  • Body Work: What is the coolest visual in your show?
  • Mark-Time: Who's the best marcher in your section?
  • Home Hash: Do you have a field judge story? How does it go?
  • Home Sideline: What is your favorite stands/pep tune?
  • Visitor Hash: Of all the band that you've met, which one was the nicest and why?
  • Visitor Sideline: Which one was the rudest and why?
  • Stands/Bleachers: Rate your stands dancing on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Goal line: What is the most memorable game you've had?
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i’m not skinny and that’s okay

I am skinny, and that’s okay too